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Her first clothing line, Stuff By Hilary Duff , was launched in 2004. Initially started as a clothing line, the company expanded its business into furniture ...

What started as a birthday party led to a philanthropic movement to galvanize young people to be more socially responsible for their communities.

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elcome to my web site. Most people say spending hours creating something that says nothing, shows nothing, proves nothing, benefits nothing, or doesn't even justify its existence in any a waste of time and resources. So, with that said, welcome to Jeff Is Cool . com.

Thanks to funding from a federal Broadband Technology Opportunities Grant, Greenville Technical College's Libraries and several of the college's computer labs offer computers for public use.

The swag worth investing in is the type item that attendees will find useful. If you're at a conference for pet owners, give away branded leashes, or portable dog bowls. Think of the items that people at the conference will need but might have forgotten to bring, and give them that. You'll not only be a hero, but they'll remember your brand too.
-- Caitlin McCabe , Real Bullets Branding

Various - It's A Cool, Cool ChristmasVarious - It's A Cool, Cool ChristmasVarious - It's A Cool, Cool ChristmasVarious - It's A Cool, Cool Christmas